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About Morando Legal

Morando Legal is a law firm focused on serving people, small and medium-sized companies, both Chileans and foreigners.

Its origin has been determined by the need of our clients to have a range of comprehensive solutions to their diverse needs, which has effectively been materialized, achieving an adequate complementation of the diverse skills of its partners and, wisely combining the concepts that characterize us: experience and being avant-garde.

Morando Legal is currently present not only in Chile, but also in Spain, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Panama, and Mexico.

The Firm is characterized by providing timely attention, aimed at delivering personalized solutions to its clients, which are analysed and designed according to each case, need or particular situation, providing legal advice of excellence and with exclusive dedication to its clients.

The avant-garde results from the timely delivery of innovative solutions and the provision of advice, bearing in mind the permanent evolution of the legal and regulatory frameworks that govern each of the legal systems in which the firm practices law.

The closeness with our clients is fundamental and permanent, who will always be able to contact one or more of its partners when their needs and concerns require it.

Meet The Team

Jesus de La Corte

Jesus de La Corte

Lawyer Partner
Jose Manuel Talero

Jose Manuel Talero

Mexico Office Director

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